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Raymond Tan – what a wonderfully professional lawyer!! He was God sent to us, when we were stuck in a rut not knowing who to turn to for help. We made a property investment in Perth but the real estate agent did not make full disclosure. We requested to terminate the contract but this was refused and a penalty charge was applied per day till settlement. We were being pressured and bullied into settling, and we were so stressed with the whole situation. And then a family member recommended Raymond Tan who had also won a case for him. It was the best recommendation ever!! Raymond gave us the confidence and courage to fight back. He provided us with the exact Clauses from the Strata Titles Act which enabled us to formulate a strongly worded letter threatening the vendor with legal action, and based on which the vendor accepted termination of the contract. What we really liked about Raymond was his empathy with us, his clients. Despite the distance and difference in time, as we reside in the Middle East, Raymond was always on hand and extremely prompt with his replies to our emails. We found him to be genuine, caring, humble and yet astute, intuitive and sharp. We are so grateful to Raymond for his support and expert advice and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice. Without doubt, we will be running any future property investment contracts by him, before signing on the dotted line!

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