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Tan and Tan Lawyers

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Approved Quality Practice - The Law Society of Western Australia

How do you want to receive your legal advice?

Tan and Tan Lawyers provide legal advice in person, email, phone, Skype and even by podcast and video. Get affordable legal advice that you can trust now. Choose how you would like to receive your legal advice below.

Low Cost Skype Legal Advice

Cannot find the time to drive all the way to the city to get legal advice? No fear, Tan and Tan Lawyers offer a legal teleconference consultation by Skype. Why?

  • Saves traveling time
  • Gain a quick indication of the strength of your case
  • Face to face conference in the comfort of your own home
  • No parking fees

Our Skype legal consultation service only costs $180 for 40 minutes, which is payable up front, meaning there’s no surprise costs.

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Low Cost Phone Legal Advice

Our 15 minute telephone consultation service allows clients with straightforward legal issues to get advice in a set amount of time, keeping costs down.

  • No strings attached
  • No commitment to use Tan and Tan Lawyers in the future
  • We won’t charge you for anything else without your explicit agreement

Our telephone consultation service only costs $36.30, which is payable up front, meaning there’s no surprise costs.

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See a Lawyer for Legal Advice

What happens if my case takes more time to resolve? It’s true that, sometimes, the nature of a legal query will mean that it can’t be fully resolved in a couple of emails. If we can’t solve your problem in this way, we’ll point you in the right direction and/or provide you with a competitive quote for a more in depth legal service.

Need help? Call (08) 9221 2888

What our clients say about us

I needed an urgent advice about a court hearing due next day. Val and Raymond were very helpful and friendly. I appreciated their ability to advise me quickly and in plain English without getting lost in legal jargon. I would certainly recommend Tan & Tan Lawyers to anyone looking for legal advice and cost effective results.

Krsitian Karov

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How can we help you?

Why Choose Tan & Tan Lawyers?

  1. Practical legal advice that doesn’t break the bank

    This powerful principle has guided Tan & Tan Lawyers since its inception over two decades ago. One of the oldest Asian law firms in Perth, we offer our unique, multilingual law services to Western Australia and internationally.

    Tan & Tan Lawyers understands that people want superior value, so we provide it! Our clients pay less while receiving higher quality services than those that many of our competitors are able to offer.

    A reliable local and international legal service

    Tan & Tan Lawyers provide a wealth of legal services to our clients in Western Australia and worldwide. We’re big enough to handle the most complex local and international cases and, at the same time, small enough to care about our clients’ daily needs. You come first!

  2. Give you more for your money

    Our unique business model ensures that you receive the world-class legal services that you need at the affordable price you deserve. How? Teamwork! This is what fuels the effectiveness and efficiency of the work we do for you.

    Each and every aspect of the case is meticulously assembled, tested and deployed by our senior lawyers who, collectively, have extensive experience in virtually all areas of the law.

    There is, of course, always a senior lawyer on every case, but the knowledge and energy of our junior lawyers provides essential support to each project too.

    In fact, not only do they add real value to each case, but by using them as part of the team we can reduce the fees for you.

    Simply put, Tan & Tan Lawyers gives you more for less.

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The Law In Black And White And The Yellow In Between:
An Asian Lawyer's Experience Of The Law In A Western World

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An Aussie's legal handbook – A simple guide to Australian law to protect yourself and your family while saving your money.

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