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Approved Quality Practice - The Law Society of Western Australia

Protecting your Interest. Saving you Money.

We understand that at first glance our motto may appear to be conflicting. The vast majority of people do not associate world-class legal service with the word “affordable.” At the foundation of Tan & Tan Lawyers is our belief that our clients deserve premium services without paying the extremely high costs that are normally associated with legal services. We are determined to demonstrate how our focus on providing true value for our clients has made us one of Western Australia most recommended law firms.

In our over 20 years of legal practice we’ve found that often clients are blinded by emotion or ”principles.” We consider it our job to ensure that each of our clients understands the concept of principle vs. costs. Equipped with this knowledge, clients are then able to look beyond the emotion of the situation and make solid choices that are best for their unique circumstances.

Tenacious. Responsible. Earnest.

Having served Western Australians for more than two decades, Tan & Tan Lawyers is one of the oldest Asian law practices in Perth. Though many aspects of our business have evolved since our early days, there is one thing that we will never change, alter, or modify – that is our unwavering focus on providing the best legal services that we can for each and every one of our clients. We are tenacious, responsible, and earnest in achieving our clients’ needs. We will not be outworked, outsmarted, or outmaneuvered when providing the wide range of legal services that our clients rely on us for.

Our Foundation. Our Future.

Raymond Tan, the owner of the practice, had a vision of creating a unique multilingual law firm in Western Australia, serving not only Western Australians, but also the rest of the world.

This ambitious goal has been achieved through his imaginative use of the Internet in the firm’s “Free Email Legal Advice Service” and also through interaction with other independent law firms worldwide. Raymond Tan is the founding member of “GAIL” the Global Affiliation of Independent Lawyers.

We are here to Serve You.

We look forward to being your only choice for all of your important legal services. Call us today and speak with one of our talented team members about how we can serve you best.

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Perth, Western Australia

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