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More than 5 stars, absolutely! I am an attorney myself (from the United States), and had been through 2 other absolutely disastrous law firms (can I say which ones, Raymond, or better not?) in the course of figuring out my very contentious divorce from a dangerous and violent man.

Raymond and his team not only lawyered the heck out of my case – long distance at that, mind you – they were kind, supportive and more than fair to me. Other law firms I dealt with were concerned first and foremost with how much they could get from me, and were not at all concerned with obtaining good results for me. To be honest, it was rather astounding and perplexing to me. But luckily for me, the third lawyer was the charm! Raymond worked with me and truly embodied what a lawyer is supposed to – not only an legal advisor, advocate but also a counselor.

His intuition and instincts are second to none. But most of all, Raymond provided me with the kind of encouragement and support that I needed to get through the process. He helped me face down my husband. I did not want to, and he just promised that he would be there with me and that it would be OK. In addition to outstanding legal counsel and advice, Raymond was the friend and dragon slayer I needed during this ordeal. Thank you Raymond and team. You rock!


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