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Have you sustained an injury from a motor vehicle accident or an accident in the work placeor a public place? Do you have a workers’ comp, employer’s liability or general negligence claim?

Our specialists in negligence law can seek compensation for you.

Your legal entitlement

These days, there can be a stigma attached to compensation claims regarding whether they’re really genuine, or even worth pursuing. But the truth is they usually are.

If you’ve suffered a physical injury through the negligence of another, it’s your legal right to claim compensation. And you deserve a good lawyer to fight in your corner.

Your welfare is our biggest concern

Tan and Tan Lawyers will provide you with comprehensive and compassionate advice on claims. And we’ll work hard to ensure your claim is successful.

No win no fee

The times we live in are challenging enough. But if you can’t work because of an injury, life can be even more difficult.

Therefore, up front fees will not usually be required unless your instructions are to press forward on a claim where success is limited. And you can rest assured we’ll give you the information and advice you need in deciding whether to pursue the claim.

Ensure your personal injury claim is successful, contact us today.

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Do you find it difficult to take time off from work during office hours to see your lawyer?

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