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We are happy to report that you have indeed found your new home for all of your legal service needs both here in Western Australia and around the globe. We are confident that once you experience our incredible attention to each and every detail of your case, coupled with our extremely attractive low fees, that you will make Tan & Tan Lawyers your only choice for all of your legal needs.

Preparation of Wills and Administration of Deceased Estates

While they say that the only certain thing in this world is uncertainty. There is an exception – there is nothing more certain than death and taxes.

Let us help you ensure that your hard work benefits those that you love the most. We prepare your will with respect to your wishes and explain the ramifications of one action or another in relation to the law.

We give you solid advice with respect to applications for Grants of Probate or Grants of Letters of Administration and preparation of Enduring Power of Attorney.

Rest assured that your wishes will be carried out with the professionalism and care that you deserve.

Commercial Law

At Tan & Tan Lawyers we provide practical advice in all areas of commercial law. We skillfully assist in all negotiations, formation of contracts, joint ventures and partnerships transactions including preparation of and advising in relation to real estate and business contracts, commercial property leases, and company structures.

We will also assist you in the incorporation of public and private companies, the formation and operation of partnerships, trusts and joint ventures and advising in relation thereto.

We understand the unique needs of entrepreneurs, business owners and corporations. Let us join your team and help you achieve all of your business goals.

Corporate Legal Advice and Services

We provide company secretarial services for proprietary limited companies and public listed companies. Let us look after your corporate governance issues. We understand that trust is the most important component in our relationship with our corporate clients and we’re proud that for over 20 years Western Australian businesses have been trusting us to handle even their most sensitive of business services.

Commercial Litigation

Our firm has extensive experience in commercial litigation. We will represent you or your company before all the Courts in Western Australia including the Federal Courts with rigor and success.

Property Settlements And Purchases Of Business

Experience in handing business and real estate purchases and transfers is imperative. We will help prepare and advise in relation to all of your real estate and business purchases.

For settlement of property, we charge only at settlement agent rates, but then add value beyond the service offered by settlement agents through the provision of legal advice and contract drafting at no additional cost. This is just another example of our foundational commitment to low fees and exceptional service.

Liquor Licensing

For even the most experienced business, bar and restaurant owners, facilitating liquor licensing can be quite challenging. We provide advice in relation to applications for liquor licenses and transfers thereof as part of your business settlement needs.

Migration Advice

Raymond Tan, the CEO of Tan & Tan lawyers, is a registered migration agent with the Migration Agent Registration Authority. To ensure that his migration licence is renewed and to keep up with the latest legislative changes in migration law, he must to attend prescribed courses presented by the Migration Agent Registration Authority. This imperative along with his unwavering commitment to professional excellence ensures that you get the best migration help available.

Raymond Tan will assess your eligibility and advise you of the most suitable category to apply under. We have assisted business people from South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Netherlands and Indonesia to settle in Australia.

Migration advice is one of the most fulfilling areas of our practice. It is challenging because each and every application is different. It is most satisfying when the application is approved and most fulfilling when we see those families settling down and contributing positively to the Australian society.

The Migration Agents Registration Authority requires us to display a copy of the Migration Agent’s Code of Conduct. Please find this document at


Even after selecting the perfect franchise for you there is much work that needs to be done to ensure that you are in the best position to succeed. We assist our clients in the preparation of franchising agreements and all franchising requirements under the Franchising Codes applicable to Australia.

Patents, Copyright and Trademarks

We are very intentional about protecting your intellectual assets. We will help you to protect your intellectual property. We give advice with respect to protecting and licensing the use of your valuable intellectual property and litigation in respect of infringements thereof.

Personal Injuries

We assist clients in their claims for personal injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, accidents in the workplace, shopping centres and public places.

We also handle all workers’ compensation claims, employer’s liability and any general negligence claims.

In respect to compensation work such as personal injury claims stemming from motor vehicle accidents, work-related accidents, criminal incidents, and public liability, we provide comprehensive and compassionate advice on claims and the success thereof.

We know how challenging these times can be for you and up front fees will not be required unless your instructions are to press forward on a claim where success is limited. Like all of our services, we will provide you with solid advice and information to wisely make this decision.

Family Law Matters

Do have a problem with your relationship? Perhaps you might just want some information about your options. Please call us to get advice on how to protect your assets and your family. We charge for our services according to the Family Law Scale of Cost and provide the high-quality, experience solutions that you deserve. Why not listen to our podcast on property settlement before you even see us as it will answer most of your questions.

Police Charges/Traffic Offences/Criminal

Before making any rash decisions, talk to us. We know your rights and will fight for you. We give advice and representation on all types of charges in the Courts of Petty Sessions, District and Supreme Courts including alcohol related and other traffic offences, criminal charges, restraining orders and applications for extraordinary drivers licenses

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