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Protecting your intellectual assets

Protecting or licensing the use of your Intellectual Property is extremely valuable to your business. So isn’t it worth getting help to make sure it’s carried out accurately?

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property is what successful businesses are built upon – patents, copyright, trademarks, designs and confidential information.

Tan and Tan Lawyers can make sure that your Intellectual Property (today and in the future) is protected in Australia AND abroad.

How can we protect your intellectual property?

Our experts can help add value to your business by helping with the following:

  • Patent applications
  • Copyright licensing contracts
  • Trade mark registration

We can also help with:

  • Patent infringement proceedings
  • Copyright infringement disputes
  • Trade mark infringement

It doesn’t need to be expensive!

Tan and Tan Lawyers provide this service at a very reasonable rate. You can make sure you’re covered without breaking the bank!

Protect your intellectual assets NOW

How do you want to receive your legal advice?

Tan and Tan Lawyers provide legal advice in person, email, phone, Skype and even by podcast and video. Get affordable legal advice that you can trust NOW. Choose how you would like to receive your legal advice below: